CFP | The 7th “Medicine, Humanity and Media: Health Communication for Enhanced Resilience” International Conference (MHM2024)


In recent years, the frequent occurrence of global crisis events has led to profound changes in the global landscape, bringing complex and diverse issues to the field of health communication. Simultaneously, the new round of disruptive technological innovations, marked by generative artificial intelligence, has posed challenges to health communication at both the epistemological and methodological levels. In light of these realities, to enhance society's resilience to risk challenges, the health communication field also needs to be more resilient in academic and social practices. The resilience of health communication stems from the integration and innovation of theories and methods, manifesting in the adaptability to multiple health crises and challenges. Therefore, how to enhance the resilience of health communication from multiple dimensions deserves broader consideration and discussion within the academic community.

In view of this, the 7th "Medicine, Humanity, and Media" International Academic Seminar (MHM2024) is designed as a five-day slow conference to foster constructive and meaningful dialogues. We warmly welcome participants to combine theoretical insights with empirical research, revealing how health communication aims to enhance resilience amidst risks and transformations, challenges and opportunities. We also encourage critical examination of how digital media promotes health and influences public discourse and participation behaviors in different societies.

In addition to inviting renowned health communication scholars from home and abroad to deliver keynote speeches (see the "Guest Speakers" section of this announcement), we have organized five thematic workshops this year, each led by scholars who have conducted years of research in their respective fields. Each workshop will last approximately three hours, featuring presentations by the hosting scholars on relevant theories, methods, and typical research, followed by discussions with the participants. Furthermore, the conference will include various thematic parallel sessions where participants will present their submitted papers sequentially, with the hosting scholars providing feedback. During the event, the organizers will arrange various forms of networking activities, including lunch meetings and visits to the Zhongguancun Software Park. (For details on the hosting scholars and schedules of each workshop, please refer to the "Workshop Arrangements" section of this announcement.)


We welcome postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, and young scholars from various disciplines in universities and research institutions to submit papers and engage in academic exchanges, collectively building a health communication academic community aimed at enhancing resilience. The topics for submission include, but are not limited to:

  1. Diverse perspectives and sustainability in the construction of health communication theories.
  2. Media health communication and resilience enhancement.
  3. Health communication strategies and methods for at-risk populations.
  4. Interdisciplinary approaches in health communication research.
  5. Multimodal narratives in health.
  6. Health communication in public health emergencies.


Approximately 40 participants are expected to be selected for this conference, with the option to participate online or onsite (keynote speeches and workshops are open only to offline participants). Supported by the Peking University Education Foundation's Global Health Communication Project and the Health Communication Division of the Chinese Association for the History of Journalism and Communication, this conference will select outstanding submitted papers. Selected papers will be published in a themed collection in the "Journal of Medicine, Humanity, and Media" (ISSN 2917-5166).

There is no registration fee for this conference. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation. The workshop sessions of this conference will be held in conjunction with Peking University's "Health Communication Research: Theories and Methodologies" summer course.

For more details, please contact via email at or call Mr. Wang at 13683359899.


Submission Guidelines

  1. Please submit the full text of your paper (not yet formally published) to the following email address: before June 1, 2024, 23:59. The specific requirements are as follows:

    1) This conference accepts submissions in Chinese or English only.;

    2) Word count: Ideally, Chinese full texts should be between 5,000-8,000 words, and English full texts between 3,000-5,000 words;

    3) Content requirements: The paper should include a title, abstract, keywords, main text, and notes. For projects funded by provincial-level departments and significant funding programs, the project name and ID must be specified. If the paper is authored by a research group, the names and affiliations of the main group members should be indicated;

    4)  Formatting requirements: Please refer to the formatting guidelines of the Journal of Medicine, Humanity and Media;                                                

  • Chinese:

  • English:

   5) Title of Email: Name-Institution-Topic Number-Paper Title (for example: Zhang San-Peking University-1-Influence of Media on Health Behavior Formation);

    6) The first page of the paper should include the following information in the footer: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Learning/Working Institution, Educational Background, Academic Title (not required for students), and Research Direction.

  1. By June 15, 2024 (Beijing time), the organizing committee will announce the list of selected participants and send out invitations to attend the conference.


Key Dates

- Submission Deadline: June 1, 2024, 23:59 (Beijing Time)

- Notification of Acceptance: Before June 15, 2024

- Confirmation of Participation: June 20, 2024

- Registration: July 7, 2024

- Opening Ceremony: July 7, 2024, 17:30

- Conference Dates: July 8-12, 2024

- PKU’s 2nd International Short-Film Festival of Health Communication: July 14, 2024