Unveiling the Future: How Can GAI Transform Mental Health Care?


  • Xuechang Xian University of Macao


Generative AI, ChatGPT, mental health, scoping review


Generative AI (GAI) is an emerging and promising technology with significant potential in mental health care, though research on its technological aspects in this field is still limited. This study provides a scoping review of GAI’s role in mental health, aiming to advance current knowledge. Adhering to PRISMA guidelines, the review analyzed 35 studies from databases including Web of Science, PubMED, IEEE Xplore, medRxiv and bioRxiv. The results identified four main applications of GAI: mental health assessments, psychosocial counseling support, clinical practices, and task-oriented optimizations. The results of this review serve to enlighten a range of stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, and individuals seeking mental health support, about GAI’s potential benefits and challenges in mental healthcare.



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